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Welcome to Next World Energy's website! Follow the team's journey & check them out in the SF Bay this September 1-4, 2013!

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup helps promising athletes under age 25 navigate their way into the pinnacle of maritime racing, the prestigious America’s Cup. Ten teams from eight countries qualified for this year’s race, and they’ll compete on the same wing-sailed AC45 catamarans featured in the America’s Cup World Series. The four-day fleet race pits all competitors against each other at once, presenting an amazing spectacle on the water.
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In Fall of 2012, when Energy Team was racing in the San Francisco Bay, Bruno and Loïck Peyron, renowned in the world of professional sailing, and Sébastien Lépinard, CEO of the international investment firm Next World Group, started discussing the importance of building up the future of a new generation of French sailors, and giving them the opportunity to compete on higher levels. The three leaders decided to combine forces to develop the youth team, and with Next World Group coming in with financial and operational support, Next World Energy was born.

“The Youth America’s Cup shares many of Next World Group’s values, including technology, performance, environmental well-being, team spirit, youthfulness and international competition,” says Lépinard, who sees sailing as a green sport that inspires innovation and collaboration. “As an operational partner – not merely a financial backer – Next World Group influences this effort from the inside. Actively contributing to the team’s success is our reward. In fact, this is our way of doing things in all business activities.”

Energy Team, the French Youth Team, and the Fédération Française de Voile came together to select the seven experienced sailors, all between the ages of 20-23, who will compete in this year’s Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. The French sailors, representing the Yacht Club de France, will shine in their first competition aboard a high-tech, high-speed AC45 catamaran, armed with expertise and wisdom shared by Energy Team CEO Bruno Peyron, and his brother and teammate, Loïck Peyron.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow the team’s journey from training runs to race day, sharing in each victory along the way.

Skipper (age 23)

The skipper of the AC45 already has experience with habitable boats and with a crew, including the Tour de France à la Voile, where he competes for the 4th time this summer. Smart, unifying, & very sharp in his analysis & decisions, onboard he will hold the position of Wing Trimmer or Bowman.
Arthur Ponroy
Helmsman (age 23)

Son of the famous naval architect Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, Antoine followed the same career path. Talented in sport catamaran (Hobie Cat 16, F18) as with habitable boats and fine helmsman, he is also appreciated for his good humor.
Antoine Lauriot-Prevost
Trimmer (age 22)

He has the same pedigree as his brother, but not quite the same character. As the calmer one, he is able to channel the enthusiasm of the crew. His young age also has not prevented him from possessing wide nautical knowledge. He can do everything on board.
Valentin Bellet
Bowman or Wing Trimmer (age 20)

The youngest of the team, alongside his brother Valentin, he is one of the best specialists in sports catamarans (SL 16, Hobie 16, F18). He is tough, explosive and mentally very strong.
Romain Bellet
Tactician (age 22)

Hubert is also a jack-of-all-trades who has sailed both a sports catamaran and habitable boat, (Tour de France à la Voile, Match Race). He is rigorous, versatile and physically well prepared. His discretion on land hides a strong personality at sea.
Hubert Savatier
Bowman (age 22)

Specialist in habitable boats, he has good experience in Match Racing and M34 – he will be aboard Sodebo for the next Tour de France à la Voile. He is physically well-prepared and has solid technical competency. His kindness and humor do not spoil any of his qualities as a seaman.
Paul Dagault
Bowman or Trimmer (age 23)

Match Racing, Tour de France à la Voile: Edouard-Marie is a product of the habitable boat field. Like Arthur Ponroy, he will be part of the Courrier Dunkerque crew at the next edition of the Tour. His physical qualities and kindness are extraordinary.
Edouard Marie Alikiagalelei

The Next World Energy team will compete on the AC45 catamaran, a powerful wingsailed, multi-hulled boat developed by the ORACLE TEAM USA design and engineering crew to handle tight race courses and wind speeds of more than 30 knots. America’s Cup competitors sailed these high-tech boats, one step from the AC72s, in preparation for this year’s races on San Francisco Bay. The Youth America’s Cup teams begin practicing on AC45s in August.